“Hurdiidae” versus Peytoiidae

A phylogenetic tree of Peytoiidae (= "Hurdiidae") based on Moysiuk & Caron (2022). The silhouettes of Peytoia and Hurdia are by Junnn11 (Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0). The family "Hurdiidae" was first named by Vinther et al. (2014; suppl. info) for a clade of radiodont stem-arthropods (also known as anomalocarids) including Hurdia, Peytoia, and related genera. However, they … Continue reading “Hurdiidae” versus Peytoiidae


The nomenclatural status of the Alula whale

Willem Mörzer Bruyns' illustration of the Alula whale, from Mörzer Bruyns (1971). The Alula whale is an unconfirmed species first reported by Dutch sea captain and historian Willem Mörzer Bruyns (Mörzer Bruyns, 1971). It is named after the coastal town of Alula, Somalia, which is near where some of the sightings occurred. According to Mörzer … Continue reading The nomenclatural status of the Alula whale