Giant goblin sharks

  The two largest goblin sharks ever caught, both 5-6 meter females from the Gulf of Mexico, from Parsons et al. (2002) and Driggers et al. (2014) respectively. The goblin shark Mitsukurina owstoni was once thought to be a mid-sized shark, and for many years the maximum documented length was 3.84 m (12.6 ft)1 (Stevens … Continue reading Giant goblin sharks


What is Kelmayisaurus “gigantus”?

The mounted skeleton of Klamelisaurus, the true identity of Kelmayisaurus "gigantus", from Wikimedia Commons (Kabacchi, CC BY 2.0). Kelmayisaurus "gigantus" is an informal name attached to a mythical giant theropod that has floated around the internet. Allegedly, it is known from a 22 m (72 ft) long vertebral column, which would make it by far the largest … Continue reading What is Kelmayisaurus “gigantus”?