Giant smalltooth sand tiger sharks

The largest smalltooth sand tiger ever caught, a 5.2 meter female from the South Atlantic, from Kukuev & Batal'yants (2019). I've discussed the dubious modern survival of megalodon at length on this blog. This time I want to highlight another "cryptid" shark that is more obscure but actually plausible. Nicknamed the "Malpelo monster", it has … Continue reading Giant smalltooth sand tiger sharks


Ceratotrichia and dorsal fin shape in arthrodires

Traditional artwork of arthrodires with shrinkwrapped dorsal fins. Top: Coccosteus cuspidatus by Stanton Fink, from Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0). Bottom: Dunkleosteus terrelli by Hugo Salais, from Ferrón et al. (2017).  Arthrodiran placoderms like Coccosteus and Dunkleosteus are commonly depicted in paleoart with short, rounded dorsal fins. This is based on fossils of Coccosteus that have part of … Continue reading Ceratotrichia and dorsal fin shape in arthrodires