The 1918 “megalodon sighting”

The 1918 newspaper article reporting an encounter with a giant shark, often claimed to be an Otodus megalodon. In a previous post, I debunked claims of Pleistocene-Holocene Otodus megalodon teeth used by cryptozoologists to support modern survival. This time I will be examining an encounter that is frequently associated with O. megalodon in the cryptozoological literature (e.g. Shuker, … Continue reading The 1918 “megalodon sighting”


Reconstructing fossil cephalopods: Enchoteuthis (“Tusoteuthis” )

Enchoteuthis melanae drifts peacefully amongst a shoal of Baculites. Art by Prehistorica, used with permission. The Enchoteuthinae are a subfamily of large cephalopods from the Cretaceous of North America and Australia. While frequently referred to as "giant squids", they are not closely related to modern squids. Instead enchoteuthines are stem octopods belonging to the family Muensterellidae and … Continue reading Reconstructing fossil cephalopods: Enchoteuthis (“Tusoteuthis” )